Wedding Halls

The Tulip Inn Sunny Hill Restaurant of Cluj, located in the heart of the Faget Forest, only 2 km away from the E-60 European Road (Cluj-Bucharest) and only a few minutes away from the Botanic Garden of Cluj and from the Historic Center of Cluj-Napoca, offers you several options for your wedding. The wedding room in Cluj has air-conditioning and sound systems.

“Venice” Wedding Hall

The restaurant of our hotel consists in two rooms with a total capacity of 350 seats, ideal for banquets, parties, weddings and other special moments, but also for regular meals.


Wedding Tent

For your guests to fully enjoy the natural environment of the Faget Forest in Cluj-Napoca, we can organize together a successful event in open air. For this purpose, we offer you the “Faget Cluj” covered terrace in Cluj-Napoca with up to 185 seats, which has outdoor cooling system.