Hotel Restaurant

The Sunny Hill hotel in Cluj-Napoca has the honor of offering you professional services in the two restaurants.

The specific charm of our restaurants lies in the classic mixture of rustic and modern, in the natural beauty of the Faget Forest, and in the luxury ambience and elegance created by the original design.

The restaurants of the  Sunny Hill hotel in Cluj-Napoca are the perfect choice if you wish to live special moments at a romantic dinner or simply have a quiet and delicious lunch, if you want to have your wedding party in a fairylike place or if you want to make sure that any event in your life is successful and unforgettable for all your guests.

You are invited to taste the most delicious dishes of the Romanian cuisine, prepared according to traditional recipes, all in an exceptional atmosphere.
Our kitchen offers you a wide and very tasteful range of traditional Romanian dishes, generous portions and accessible prices. Complete and diversified menus for wedding and baptism parties.
Swedish buffet and a selection of 50 types of wine.

The Sunny Hill Restaurant is the ideal place for the following events:

  • Wedding party
  • Baptism party
  • Banquet
  • Cocktail party
  • Symposium
  • New Year’s Eve party
  • End of Year party
  • Private parties
  • Festive dinner

We are looking forward to seeing you!

For reservations and further information, please contact us at 0745305911,0264 480325 or